new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby and Drink Box

Mmm... I got Penelope's drink!

These straws are tricky business!

I'm not getting anything!

I'll shake it upside down and see if that helps.

Uh oh, there it goes.

Hey, I made mud!

Maybe I should stir up the mud with my straw a little bit.

Oh, crap! Now there's mud in my straw!

Take it out of the straw and put it in Daddy's eye.

What should I do with this muddy, sticky thing?

I know! I'll stuff it in Daddy's shoe.

I'm one clever girl.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just One Year

First Day
New Sisters
Opening Her Birthday Gift

Such Excitement

Big one Year Old
 It is so amazing what can happen in just one year. A year ago Violet slipped peacefully, gently, and quietly into our lives and hearts. Tiny and perfect. Now she is a big one year old. A year ago she was struggling to get her latch right, learning to nurse, and once she got it she mostly just nursed all the time. Now, nursing? Who has time for nursing? Until she is tired or has a bump or her sister has devastated her by putting the gate across her door to keep baby out, then there is time to nurse. But this big girl with 6 teeth is much more interested in avocados or blueberries, or anything Penelope is eating.

A year ago this baby was held in my arms always, or snuggled in the Moby wrap. Now being held is torture, she writhes and wiggles, trying to get down. She can move so fast, and like a little dog she carries her toys in her mouth as she zooms through the house on all fours. She has no time for being in arms or slings. Until the end of the day when she is tired and fussy and I'm making dinner, then the sling is exactly where she wants to be.

A short year ago her only means of communication was the frantic screaming cry of a newborn when something wasn't right. And now this little girl has acquired enough words and sign language to get her point across and let us know what she needs and wants, although when she really needs something she can still do a pretty good frantic cry if necessary.

A year ago I couldn't get enough of her smell, of holding her close and feeling her tiny body next to me. Now when I cuddle her and attempt to smell her hair  she wiggles away, pointing her finger at me and saying "no no no no!" She is much to big and busy for such things, you see. But at night, while she is falling asleep I am still permitted to cuddle this one year old and I breath in her smell deeply, knowing that all of the sudden, one day her baby smell will be gone.

In just one year she went from the amazing miracle of a perfect newborn baby girl to this incredible little person with her own ideas and opinions, her own way of doing things. And watching her grow is a miracle of it's own, watching her personality develop, enjoying the process of Violet becoming who she is.

In this one short year Violet has endeared herself to all who know her, and left her family wondering how they ever lived without her. Happy first birthday sweet baby Violet, I am so very glad you were born.