new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"F" Week

Feeding Friends

In the Forest

In the Forest

Fern in the Forest
French Fries

Flap Jacks

Fraction Flowers
Penelope and I have been homeschooling  preschool since just after Labor Day. We just finished our week of "F". We began our week with a walk in the Forest. Penelope loves the Forest we went to because of the darling trio of horse Friends we pass on our way to the trail. Penelope brought them an apple and was so very happy to visit with them. Then we had a wonderful Forest walk while Baby slept peacefully in the baby carrier. Penelope found so many Fairy houses and also  bunch of Ferns.

For foods we made Falaffle, French Fries (baked, not fried), Flap jacks (three times), Frittata (the tofu kind), and an amazing Farfalle pumpkin, sage, sausage dish.

We made a beautiful rainbow Fish, a Fan, and Fraction Flowers. Penelope used her F stamps a lot this week. Both the letter F and Flower and Fawn stamps. She was also  was very much into her tracing workbook and sat down and did 15 pages at once one day and 12 pages another day. She did lots of cutting with scissors, as she always does, and even though they don't begin with F both girls were very into puzzles this week. They also spent a lot of time at the sand/water table and Pen colored a bunch of Fairy and Fish pictures.

Pen decorated our F table with Flowers, Foals, Feathers, and Fish. We read Ferdinand, Fairy books, books about Foals, Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, and so many more. We had ordered One Fish, Two Fish, and The Rainbow Fish, and The Foot Book from the library, but they didn't come in time for F week. We also did the hand rhymes I Have Ten Little Fingers, Five Fat Peas in a Pod, 1 2 3 4 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive, and the song Five Green and Speckled Frogs.

I was so excited when Pen spent a long time writing and showed me her work and it was half of the alphabet and completely on her own she copied the word peace from the golden peace sign that hangs from up high in our living room. I'll keep that one forever. The first word my little Penelope wrote on her own was PEACE!

So we are done with F and onto G!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tooth Brushing Sisters

Violet is a little obsessed with brushing her teeth right now. I remember Penelope being exactly the same way about it when she was Vi's age. Violet must brush her teeth five or six times a day, Penelope only does it about twice a day, but finds herself constantly in the bathroom helping her clean teeth obsessed sister turn on the water, and turn off the water, and turn on the water and turn off the water.

These pictures were taken in the morning before we went apple picking last weekend. I don't mind the excessive hygiene but I am trying to get Violet to understand that she needs to keep the toothbrush in the bathroom at all times. I keep finding it in odd places, like in a pot in the cupboard or in the bathtub of the dollhouse or a random shoe. It's not so bad to find the toothbrush in weird places, but she does this with everything lately. She was toddling around with a banana a few days ago and after the girls were asleep I realized the rest of her banana was unaccounted for. I searched high and low before deciding to try and think like a one year old. Where she put it actually made sense, sort of. I found the browning and somewhat mushy banana remains in their toy kitchen's oven, right next to some pretend pizza and a doll's shoe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Very Cutest Punkins

Penelope at one year, picking pumpkins.

Penelope with her "pum pum"

Violet at one year picking pumpkins.

Violet swinging at the apple orchard.

Penelope swinging at the apple orchard.
I can't believe how cute they both are in these pictures. I remember that Penelope called pumpkins pum pums. Violet has no word for them yet, although this afternoon when I was frustrated with Pen and began to count out loud from one to three for her to stop doing what she was doing I said "one" and Violet said "two, three"!

They are such very different people, but both the cutest pum pums ever.

Pumpkin Time

These pictures are from the past two weekends. There are two separate Saturday Farmer's Market days, and our big apple picking trip of the year. My brother Charles came with us, he and Penelope were most excited to get their pumpkins. We had a great day with a peanut butter and jelly picnic, lots of roaming around the huge apple orchard, picking and sampling apples, and choosing the perfect pumpkins. We ran into some pretty cute little pumpkin cousins while we were there too. And everywhere we go lately there seems to be a big box of squashes right at Violet's level, which she loves. She is wearing Penelope's old pumpkin hat, and I need to find some of the pictures of Pen here at this very orchard when she was one year and wearing the same hat to show her.