new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, April 29, 2013

So Big, So Proud

I guess it's for real because this girl of mine has been using the potty for a good week now. Just like her big sister before her, she just decided she was ready and that was that. Somehow I lucked out with that one. Two kids that basically potty trained themselves. Although, I really do think that with this, as with most things, kids just move on to the next thing when they are ready for it. I'm sure if I'd tried to push her into it a couple months ago it would not have happened so smoothly. She knew when she was ready, and in her own good time she moved from diapers to underwear.

She is suddenly so much more a big girl than a baby. Sniff. Just this afternoon she was cuddled in my lap and I was singing a song about her being my baby and she interrupted to inform me that she wasn't my baby anymore. "You are!" I said. "But I grewed up now Mama, now I'm so big!" she told me. And she is. It's true. We just moved her out of her rear facing carseat and into a booster (with a five point harness, of course) and her big sister now sits in a booster using an adult seat belt. Yikes! As always, I'm torn between feelings of sadness at them growing bigger, and pride and delight at the amazing people they are growing into. Violet starts her first story time session tomorrow. I was going to wait until the fall to sign her up, but she asked me to sign her up last week, so I did. She could hardly get to sleep tonight because she is so excited about it. So excited to be big, and so proud of her big self.
Showing off her big girl undies!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Made Our Own Kite!

Kites were invented by the Chinese, so we decided to try making our own kite as we study China. It was easier than I thought it would be. We used two paper bags, a glue stick, tape, crayons, and two wooden dowels that we had already. It looked great. We took it down to the park and tried it out and it actually worked, and flew for a little while. Then the smaller dowel snapped (the wind was a little strong) and our fun was abruptly halted. We are going to repair it with a stronger dowel and fly it again.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Lion Dance

Penelope trying on the lion head.

Violet being so brave and touching the lion.

Penelope being the Buddha.

We went to Brown University with our homeschool group to see a Chinese lion dance and learn all about it this week. Penelope is learning lots about China right now, and we had already researched both lion and dragon dances and watched many versions of both on line, but when the lion began it's dance at Brown both my girls were terrorized. They huddled in my lap until it was over. But after the dance the darling students who were performing for us talked to the moms and kids for a long time. We learned a lot and they showed the kids how the moves they use to make the lion dance are actually kung foo moves and some acrobatics. They showed the kids how they get cues from the drums for their dance moves and how to operate the lion's ears and eyes and explained all the symbolism too. Then they let the kids try on the lion. Penelope wanted to so badly, but was too scared to do it. She finally got up the nerve to just do it and was very proud of herself.  Even Violet had a turn, a very short one because she was really still scared. Penelope wants to see lion dances any time they happen now, she just loves them now.

Friday, April 26, 2013

This Moment, Friday, April 26, 2013

 {this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things We Have Been Up To

An experiment with oil, water, and feathers.

Shaking oil and water together in a jar as we learned how oil and water don't mix.

Observing the oil and water separating.

Planting seeds.

Homemade sidewalk chalk paint. I used equal parts corn starch and baking soda and enough water to make a paint-like consistency and some food coloring. 

After the paint dried the girls got a spray bottle of vinegar and when they sprayed  their paintings they fizzed!

At our little beach.

We learned a lot about ducks last week, and to help the girls understand how duck feathers are waterproof we did an experiment. First they got a feather and tried dipping it in water. The feather got wet and soggy. Then they got a new feather and coated it in oil, then sprinkled water on their feathers and watched as the water beaded and ran off, just like their raincoats work to keep them dry. They also rubbed oil into a paper bag and saw how it became waterproof too. Then they shook up some oil and water in a jar and watched as it immediately separated.

We planted some seeds, the peas are already coming up, we are still waiting on the beans, peppers, and tomatoes. The girls check them every morning and shrieks of delight at the sight of peas pushing through the dirt are heard.

We had a blast with fizzing sidewalk chalk paint. That kept the girls happily occupied for a very long time.

We went for a very windy walk to our little beach. Penelope was such a good big sister cleaning the sand off Violet's feet before going in the house. She has been a very attentive big sister lately, wanting to help Violet with everything and take care of her. It is very sweet.

Daffodil Days 2013

It  was a blustery day when we went, but there were daffodils everywhere and it was beautiful.