new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, October 3, 2010


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Sideways Sisters or I Don't Know How to Turn the Photos
I always wished I had a sister. I love my brothers and I'm glad I have them. I wouldn't trade them for anything, but I still wish I had a sister. I always felt like I was missing something special by not having one. I guess maybe that's why I was so thrilled when Penelope was born a girl. Or maybe I just really wanted a daughter as much as I'd always wanted a sister. During Violet's pregnancy I was sure we would have a boy. All I wanted was a healthy baby, but Pen kept telling me she was going to have a baby sister and I felt a little sad for her. I thought she might not be happy with a baby brother at first after having her heart set on a sister. And secretly I hoped for another girl so they could be sisters. And for me too, to have another sweet baby girl to dress in the precious little clothes that Pen outgrew all to quickly. When Violet slipped out into the world I couldn't quite believe she was a girl. I'd felt so sure she was a boy, I had to keep checking her girl parts to make sure I wasn't missing something. Yes, she was really a baby girl, and I was SO HAPPY! Penelope, on the other hand, had decided about a week before the baby was born that she really wanted a brother. I'm not sure if she really minded not getting a brother, but she kept telling people for weeks "I wanted a brother but I got a sister".

Adjusting to Violet has been rough for Penelope. The tiny, pink thing that only nursed and slept and cried was not what she had been waiting all those months for. Penelope was waiting for a friend, someone she could play with, someone to laugh with. Instead she got someone who took so much of her parents time, all of which used to be hers. And she got over tired and less patient than usual parents. She has felt sad and confused and angry. It has been hard. But just recently I have been noticing something. I have been catching little exchanges between them. Penelope sings to Violet and does finger play songs that make Violet smile. When Violet has been sleeping for a long time Pen finds it hard to wait for her to wake up. When I suggest that she and I go out together to run an errand while Violet stays home with Steve she wants Violet to come with us. And Violet loves Penelope. She looks for her when she hears her, and smiles when she finds her. Violet talks to Pen, and when Pen talks back Violet is thrilled. They have begun to laugh and play together. They are beginning to bond, developing what I hope will be a lifelong friendship. They are starting to be sisters. And every time I see them having one of these little moments it makes my heart so happy. I don't know how I got so lucky to have not one but two beautiful, darling little girls.

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  1. This is just a wonderful post, my darling girl - wonderful and dear. I am so happy for you, and for both those little sisters. Just think - by this time next week we'll be getting ready to see all of you. We can't wait.