new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Dragon Supported by Chopsticks.

Decorating Dragon Puppet.

Finished Puppet

Violet's Dragon

Trying it on her hand.
Last week we started back up with homeschooling. We did the letter J over because the first time around we were a little more focused on Thanksgiving and I felt like we didn't give J our full attention. My favorite part of J was when we spent the morning baking a loaf of bread and then ate it all warm and fresh with lots of jam while reading Bread and Jam for Frances.

But we also spent the week learning about Chinese New Year. We learned that Violet was born in the year of the tiger. this is interesting not only because she adores tigers, but because she was also born under the sign of Leo. That girl has all kinds of good cat energy. And Penelope was born in the year of the pig. She, of course, argues that she should have been born in the year of the horse. Is it a coincidence that she chose Pig as her constant companion, cuddly friend, and partner in crime?

We made some fabulous dragons. The best one was made from toilet paper tubes and crepe paper and supported by chopsticks. It was a mini version of the big type that is seen in parades and it was spectacular. I couldn't get a good picture of it though, because my camera is being stupid and the flash is refusing to work. I can take a picture without the flash, but any movement shows up as a blur. And I take pictures of children. They move. A bunch. And when they are holding an awesome dragon they made it moves a bunch too. We also made paper bag dragon puppets. Violet made one, and she was so proud of herself. We had our own parade through the house, and Pen let everyone have a turn to carry the special dragon. We made a lantern too, which I never got a picture of, but it was pretty with a candle in it.

We also made a bunch of Chinese foods. We made dumplings, noodles, scallion pancakes, and soup for dinner and we made almond cookies and sliced oranges for dessert. Most of the foods we made symbolized long life or were eaten for good luck in the new year. We ate with chopsticks, even Violet, and that was funny. We had our celebration on Sunday because Steve was home and we wanted him to be a part of it too.

We have moved onto the letter K this week. I am really hating not having a fully functioning camera. We went to see The Toe Jam Puppet Band yesterday and Violet somehow got a hold of somebody's used tissue, so I prepared to flee to the bathroom to wash her hands and Penelope asked if she could stay. I told her she could and ran. When I came back in the room Penelope was not where we were sitting. I scanned the room and was absolutely shocked to see her ON STAGE in the middle of a performance! She was a "cuddle" fish, complete with fins and fish head. She was up there for a full 20 minutes, not looking a bit nervous. She did her part perfectly (which was to hug the other cuddle fish when she was given her cue). I saw her glancing around the room a few times, looking for me. She never saw me, but when it was over and she came back to our spot she was so happy I had been there and seen it. She told me that when they asked for volunteers she raised her hand and when she realized what she would have to do she thought about hiding. "But then I said, wait a minute, I can do this, I'm going to do this...and I did Mom!" she said with so much pride. I was SO proud of her! And so annoyed with my camera. I hadn't brought it because of the flash issue, but I could have taken a video just fine if I had brought it. Oh well. So it goes.

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