new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Easter Pictures

Penelope and Pig in their matching Easter dresses.

Brunch Outside

Penelope putting violets on the carrot cake cupcakes.

Happy uncle and niece sharing cupcakes on the couch.
These pictures are a bit late going up, but they are so cute. We had a relaxed Easter at our house. The girls got their baskets early, not much candy in them. They each got a tiny chocolate (or chockie, as Vi calls it) bunny, which they devoured immediately, and 2 packs of Annie's Bunnies. The rest of their treats were play-doh, bubbles, and a stuffed animal.

They had new dresses for Easter, they really didn't need Easter dresses, we weren't going anywhere, but while out searching for rain boots a while back we discovered matching dresses for the girls, and the one in Penelope's size had a tiny dress that came with it, just the right size for Pig. They weren't expensive, and sometimes you just have to do these things. Pig has been wearing her Easter dress ever since she put it on for the egg hunt, she loves it that much.

Charles came over in time for an egg hunt. The eggs had jelly beans and hair bows in them, and everyone had fun finding all the eggs. It was warm enough to eat brunch outside after the egg hunt, and after brunch Tom showed up. We all just relaxed while Violet and Steve napped. We watched a movie together, and when everyone was up we had dinner together and cupcakes. A simple, peaceful day.

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