new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, February 25, 2013

Look! Baby Foo-Foo had a Litter!

These pictures are of Baby Foo-Foo nursing her first litter. I believe she had six puppies all together. The girls played this game with so much joy and excitement all day long. It's really fun to see them play together like this. They have played together before, of course, but they more often play side by side but each doing their own thing. And when they do play the same thing it is usually very directed by Penelope with Violet either doing what Pen tells her to, or not - in which case it all goes downhill. But this new thing where they both play happily together and more on the same level is new and quite a delight to behold from behind my knitting needles or book where they think I am otherwise occupied and not even aware of them. But I am actually watching with great interest, it is so funny and cute to see them completely absorbed in the little worlds they create together, having little disagreements and resolving them so they can get back to their game. So wonderful to watch these sisters growing into friends and great playmates. So wonderful to be able to hang back and do my own thing while they do theirs. So wonderful to be able to know and love their two and a half and five and a half selves.

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