new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Story Time for Violet

She was shy and sat in the back most of the session.

Penelope wore her pajamas too, and Miss Molly let her help with the parachute.

Violet throwing a ball onto the parachute.

Sitting under the parachute.

Sweet girl.
Violet began story time this spring. I was going to wait until the fall to sign her up, but she asked me to do it so we gave it a try. She had a bad experience at one of the first story times when another child took her floor mat, it upset her so much that she spent the rest of  the story times sitting by herself in the back and not participating in the games or little group things they did. She preferred to just watch. But on the last day the parachute came out. She couldn't resist and finally joined everyone in the fun. It was the last story time until the fall. If she wants to we'll sign her up again in September, I think she'll be more ready for it by then. I am glad her last story time ended positively though, with her joining everyone and having fun. The kids are all wearing pajamas because it was pajama day. Soft lullaby music played while they sat on a big blanket on the floor and they were read bed time stories. They got to wear pajamas and bring in their blankies or stuffed animals they sleep with too. It was very cute.

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