new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, November 26, 2010

Haloween - a month late!

Pig as a Spooky Ghost
Carving Away
The Whole Gang
Violet Being Captivated by Pumpkin Carving
Violet Peering into the Pumpkin
Funny Baby
The Wild Beauty of Fall Outside the Window
Proud Pumpkin Carvers
Halloween Dinner
Darling Baked Pumpkins
The Pink Flying Unicorn Trying to Navigate the Steps While Trick or Treating
Penelope's Pile

Penelope Choosing her Totem Animal of the Year
Steve Reading from the Totem Animal Book
Halloween was such fun this year. I meant to post these pictures so long ago,but then after a bunch of weeks went by I decided to forget it. But then while getting ready to do a Thanksgiving post I rediscovered these and decided they really are cute and I'd just put them up anyway.

Pen was very into Halloween this year, and rather fascinated by the (not to terribly) scary aspects of it as well. She was particularly curious about skelingtons (skeletons) and they will forever be skelingtons to me now, just as pumpkins will always be pum pums (Pen's word for them at 1 year).

I had planned to make Pen a costume, but fairly late in the game Pen changed her mind and we ended up buying the pink flying unicorn at a 2nd hand shop. I made Pig a costume instead. There was lots of excitement leading up to the big day. After our dinner we headed out to trick or treat and it was so much fun, for a bit I felt like I'd suddenly been plopped right into a Norman Rockwell scene. Penelope tired out much to soon, Steve and I both wanted to keep going. But we came home and helped Pen go through her loot. Then we all chose our animal totem cards, and Pen chose the horse randomly, which is really interesting because she has been totally obsessed with horses since September. Steve and I both chose Beaver randomly and separately, which is weird. The last picture is of Steve reading what the beaver card means, but I've forgotten just what it was. I'm already looking forward to next Halloween!

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  1. These are great photos, I'm so glad you did decide to post them. I love them all, but, really....Pig!!!???