new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tooth Brushing Sisters

Violet is a little obsessed with brushing her teeth right now. I remember Penelope being exactly the same way about it when she was Vi's age. Violet must brush her teeth five or six times a day, Penelope only does it about twice a day, but finds herself constantly in the bathroom helping her clean teeth obsessed sister turn on the water, and turn off the water, and turn on the water and turn off the water.

These pictures were taken in the morning before we went apple picking last weekend. I don't mind the excessive hygiene but I am trying to get Violet to understand that she needs to keep the toothbrush in the bathroom at all times. I keep finding it in odd places, like in a pot in the cupboard or in the bathtub of the dollhouse or a random shoe. It's not so bad to find the toothbrush in weird places, but she does this with everything lately. She was toddling around with a banana a few days ago and after the girls were asleep I realized the rest of her banana was unaccounted for. I searched high and low before deciding to try and think like a one year old. Where she put it actually made sense, sort of. I found the browning and somewhat mushy banana remains in their toy kitchen's oven, right next to some pretend pizza and a doll's shoe.

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  1. From Gail: What a wonderful talent you discovered you could have: thinking like a one-year-old! May we should ALL try this from time to time. It might make life quirkier, more imaginative - not to mention a whole lot funnier.