new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, March 16, 2012

Playing at the Park

Feeding Rocket

How cute is this animal?

Feeding a chubby goat.

Honey the Pony

Violet eating the food we brought for the animals.

Violet the pig and Violet the human sharing a moment.

Spectacular Boy

Pen on a unicorn.

The most amazing slide EVER!

Pen on the slide.

Vi heading down the slide.

Steve looking slightly terrorized.

Boat in the sandbox.

Best sandbox we've ever seen.

Vi having a snack.

Vi having another snack while riding a chicken.

We went to the World War1 Memorial Park in Attlborough yesterday. We'd been meaning to check it out for a long time. It's pretty cool. There are tons of playgrounds all over the place. My favorite part was the huge blue tunnel slide. We all went down it a couple times. And the sandbox was amazing too. It was huge and open, and the best part was the huge Adirondack chairs all around for the adults to sit in and enjoy the sun while the kids play.

The petting zoo was nice too. The animals were all clean and healthy looking, and so dear and gentle. You can bring your own apples and carrots, which we did, and both girls were in heaven feeding all the fuzzy beasties. I loved the darling pig old ladies best. Their names were Charlotte and Violet. Pen loved the horses and the deer and I think Violet loved the rooster the most. We had one moment of panic when I fed a darling old donkey a carrot piece and an apple slice before noticing the signs all around her saying NOT to feed her anything because she chokes. I waited in horror while she chewed for what seemed an eternity until she finally safely swallowed her forbidden treats.

We want to go back when the butterfly garden is blooming, it looks like it's something to see. And of course, the girls want to go visit and feed the animals again. I wouldn't mind a trip down that slide again, myself. It's all free too. It was a really fun day of play for all of us.

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