new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What We Did This Week, The Letter N

Using her Nose to guess what different things she could smell.

Gluing Noodles on an N

Making a Nest with old bits of yarn and glue.

Play-Doh Nest with Bird Eggs

Play-Doh Nest with Dinosaur Egg

Bird on Nest

Violet's Bird on Nest

The Ugly Duckling Family

Acting out the Ugly Duckling

Happy with Her Own Ducks

Her Own Ducks

Nothing to do with the letter N, I just love it when she makes a stage and gets lost in her shows.
We worked with the letter N this week. We read about so many different types of nests that different animals build, some are really amazing. We watched the beavers at the zoo work on their nests, and we have been observing the squirrels and birds in our yard gathering materials for their nests.

We made a nest from old yarn, we'll use it on our nature table for a spring decoration when it finally dries (she really used a lot of glue). We also made a lot of play-doh nests and Penelope played with her ugly duckling family for a long time. She was really fascinated with the story, which we read this week and it was cute to see her acting it out. Violet was thrilled with her mama and baby ducks and played with them so happily, though she kept breaking their heads off and I had to keep fixing them.

Penelope used her nose to guess what I held up for her to smell. She guessed right at peanut butter, coffee, an orange, ketchup, mint, and rose. She guessed the baby shampoo was body lotion, body oil, and moisturizer, which were all close, and she guessed the thyme was "something we like to cook in soup, I think" which was also pretty good. She didn't know onion, which surprised me.

We are really appreciating the beautiful, functional art that nests truly are, and we plan to put some various fibers out in our yard and see if any of them show up in some of the nests that are currently being built around us.


  1. Darling little birds - the human ones, so absorbed in their activities. You three are having tooooo much fun, I think!!

  2. From Gail: I just wanted to let you know how much I love and admire and appreciate how creative, imaginative, fun, and holistic your letter of the week ideas are - so much more learning going on than just the shape and sound of the letter. I think you're great. You'd be the world's best preschool teacher.