new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Long Weekend

Petting Baby Goats at the Farmer's Market

Getting Kisses from a Sweet Dog Visiting the Market

The Most Amazing Pizza, Topped with Fresh Greens from the Farmer's Market


Cucumber "pickles"


I love Pen's face, totally grossed out!

Our New Pool

Violet was sure to take precautions and wear all of the necessary flotation devices.



Looking at the seedlings Steve and the girls started.

After Fun Nap
We did nothing special over the long weekend, but there was lots of ordinary specialness going on. We went  to our first farmer's market of the season, where we were thrilled to discover a family who grows beautiful, organic vegetables, of which we bought quite a bit of. There were such precious baby goats to pet, dogs to meet, and the fact that it was right here in our town was a huge bonus.

Steve did a bunch of yard clean up, and we enjoyed our yard quite a bit. Penelope and I went out and bought a pool and set it up in our back yard. It was the best thing, both girls spent forever in there. It's big enough for the grownups to get in too, maybe when it gets a little warmer.

There was more planting going on, and cooking on the grill, and pink lemonade, and walks around the neighborhood. Many of our neighbors had big, loud cookouts, but I was very happy at the quieter, slow paced weekend we shared, and all the little bits of specialness happening right here at home.

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