new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, October 5, 2012

What We Did the First Week in October


One of the last bouquets of the year.

sister hugs on the nature trail

Fairy Play

Home-made vegan, gluten free edible playdough.








trying for a cartwheel




Violet all done and leaving without us.
We have been trying to find our rhythm with this homeschool thing these past couple weeks. Violet has not been napping every day, which means I need to devise a plan to keep her occupied while Pen and I do work. I'm thinking I need to put together some busy boxes for her. And there is so much to do with our homeschool group, and I keep over scheduling our week, but there is so much fun to be had!

This week we enjoyed nature walks, hunting for chestnuts and leaves and acorns. We made our own edible playdough, which tasted exactly like candy corn. We traded our playdate at the playground with two friends for a playground day with a bunch of homeschool families from our group. The family we usually meet for playground time came too and we agreed to try this new playground day for a while. There were tons of kids! And we also had a library day. And we went to sign language class, Penelope learned a bunch of animal signs, and she now knows her colors and numbers up to 13. And we joined an open gym for homeschoolers. Most of our ASL class heads over there after class is done, and a bunch more kids showed up too. It was two hours of wild children using the gym. So Thursday will be our full day, with ASL class in the morning and gym in the afternoon, which will be wonderful when winter is upon us - those 2 hours of non-stop running, jumping, and climbing will help with the high energy/limited outside time problem we face each winter!

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