new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What We Have Been Learning About This Month

Doing a pumpkin math page.

Stirring acorns into blue paint.

Rolling painted acorns across paper.

Painting a paper acorn with a glue/paint mixture.

Painting an acorn.

Gluing coffee grounds and oatmeal to her acorn.

Carefully gluing her coffee grounds.

Finished sensory acorn project.

Making a squirrel snack.

Squirrel snack.

Pumpkin picking.

Open Gym

Upside Down


Making a crust for an apple pie.

Rolling out a vegan, gluten free pie crust is not easy.

Using their feet to transfer acorns from one bowl to another.

Transferring acorns with tongs.

The girls each made a 5 little pumpkins picture.

Our apple pie.

The girls enjoying their apple pie.

Hiding peanuts for the squirrels.

Peanuts hidden in the tree.

The girls sitting in their doll strollers eating peanuts.

Violet wearing her bat hat she made, complete with a purple hair bow.
We have been learning so much about squirrels this month. We have read volumes about them, done lots of art projects, hidden nuts for them, gone on nature walks in search of their homes up in the trees, made and eaten squirrel snacks (mixed nuts and dried fruits).

We also learned a lot about apples and pumpkins, went apple picking and picked out pumpkins too. We made an apple pie, and lots of other apple foods. We have been enjoying fall a lot, and it has been so beautiful this year. The weather has been perfect.

Penelope has been continuing with her ASL class, and both girls love open gym day. We have been enjoying weekly playground days with our local homeschool friends, took a trip to the children's museum with some friends, the girls carved pumpkins with their Daddy and toasted pumpkin seeds. We are very excited for Halloween and it is all the girls talk about.

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