new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, A Birthday Party, and a Beautiful New Cousin to Hold

Green playdough for St. Patrick's day.

I gave them pipe cleaners and glittery bits, but then they brought in the horses.

Lately this is what playdough always turns into. A horse blanket fashion show.

Our rainbow fruit salad that we brought to the party.

Erica and her daughter Adalina.

She hardly was breathing while she held her new cousin.

Birthday boy!

Celeste holding Adalina, and the giraffe on her lap was first Celeste's, then passed onto Pen, then Vi, and now to Adalina. 

The kids outside playing with Deagan's new toys

We finally met the girl's new cousin, Adalina Alice last Sunday. It was Deagan's seventh birthday, which is crazy because I remember when he was Adalina's size! It was also St. Patrick's day. We had fun visiting with everyone, holding a precious new baby girl, and playing with new birthday presents.

Violet was very funny when she got her turn to hold the baby. I think everyone was a little nervous to let my fierce little two year old hold such a tiny new person, but she did a great job. She sat so still and barely moved at all. I don't think she was even breathing!


  1. Look at her eyes in that photo - holding the babykins - she is having an other-worldly experience!

    1. She really was. It was a big deal for her.