new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Day of Spring

Decorating the nature table with things that seem like spring to them. Lots of bunnies and baby animals made it onto the nature table.

We made these silly bunnies from toilet paper tubes.

I think they are a little frightening, but the girls loved them.

Spring Chick!

I made these little nests with jolly bean eggs for their baskets.

Violet's basket.

Pen's basket.

Playing with a spring sensory bin I put together.

Home made playdough I made for their baskets.

Coffee filter tie dye eggs.

My human bunnies, eating raw collard greens.

Easter Bunny made by Pen.
We celebrated the first day of spring this week, despite the unspring type weather we can't get rid of. I made the girls each a basket to find when they got up. They each got some chocolate nests made by me, a little box of crayons and some coloring pages, some playdough, a pair of bunny socks and a little note from me. Nothing too big, but I wanted to make the first day of spring special. The Easter Bunny will still fill the girl's baskets on Sunday and hide eggs filled with surprises in the yard for them to find, and my brother will come over for the day, but I felt the need this year to welcome Spring in a special way.

I also made a sensory bin, mostly with Violet in mind, but of course both girls played with it. And we made lots of spring crafts. My favorite was our coffee filter tie-dye eggs. They were so much fun to do, we made tons, and they look beautiful hung in the window when the sun shines through them. We folded the paper up, then used bingo markers to color them, letting the colors bleed into each other. When we unfolded them we were amazed at each one. All different and just stunning to look at. I think we'll make some more of these soon, just because it was so much fun.

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  1. I LOVE the stained glass eggs on the windows - the better to see the spring snow, my dears!! I also love the tp roll bunnies. I think they are adorable. I love the human bunnies best though. And you'll have to tell me how you made the nests w/jelly bean eggies. Russell Stover used to make these, and they were my favorite easter candy - but now, when they can be found at all, they have been deproved into stamped out tiny rounds, with no jelly bean eggs. Yours look like the Real Thing, and I'm sure they are vegan. Recipe please. Email it to me ASAP.