new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Solstice

Making a Paper Tree

Making a Solstice Sun from a Paper Plate

Making Treats

Up Go The Lights

The tree is so tiny, but to Pen it couldn't be more beautiful!

Discovering Tree Decorations We Made Last Year

And Favorite Old Decorations too

Reading a Very Animated Version of Jingle Bells
Hard at Work Making Wrapping Paper for Solstice Gifts

Playing Music For Vi

Violet Waiting To Go Outside

Pen Giving The Birds And Squirrels Their Solstice Gifts

All of Us

This Snowball Has Daddy's Name on it!

My Wild Angel

A Snowball Pelted Steve

Feeding the forest animals

Hanging paper snowflakes

Very Cute Girlies

Pretty Violet

Shoes and hat made by Mama, Shirt made by big sister

Dress from Mama

Pig gets gifts too!

The girls in their matching Solstice gifts

Vi in her new shoes and hat

Fire ready to go

Tom in front of the fire

Steve in front of the fire

Violet in front of the fire

Penelope, eating Solstice cake in front of the fire

Our Yule Fire Blazing
We had such a lovely Solstice this year. We put the tree up the day before, and Pen was so cute discovering things in boxes that she remembers from last year. We worked for a long time on our gifts for each other. The rule is everything has to be homemade. Steve and Pen made me a lovely photo scrap bookie thing that I love. I made him a t-shirt and some hand balm. Pen made Violet a t-shirt that says Baby Sister, both girls made a fabric lunch bag for him with their hand prints on it. I made the girls each a hat from recycled sweaters. Violet's is cashmere and Pen's is angora. I made the girls matching dresses and Pig got a dress and hat too. Violet also got some wool felt baby shoes.

We started the day with hot blueberry muffins Pen and I made, and cocoa. Pen made some hand decorated wrapping paper and we wrapped gifts. Then we went out to spread seeds for our bird and squirrel neighbors. We all went for a beautiful walk in the woods, and we brought seeds for the forest beasties too. When we got home we made popcorn and opened gifts. Then we spent the afternoon quietly making paper snowflakes. I made a pot of chili and some corn bread, Pen helped me decorate a Solstice cake, and Tom came over for dinner. After dinner we all headed out for our fire. We started it with a garland of sorts we had hanging in our living room. It was red and green strips of paper with things written on them. It was sort of a combination of our thankful tree from Thanksgiving and something Soule Mama did that I liked. We wrote things we are thankful for, one for each day leading up to the Solstice. And Pen put the whole thing on the fire before Steve started it. It was so nice to sit quietly together under the beautiful full moon and enjoy the peace. I really love celebrating the Solstice in this way. Wishing love and light to everyone this holiday season! Peace.

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  1. Well, my dearest, these are simply fabulous photos. Could anything be cuter than Violet in her antlers? Unless it's Pen and Pig in their new dresses? Or Violet in her new hat and shoes. And the dresses, hats, shoes themselves....amazing and adorable. You are something else. What a beautiful holiday, a real celebration of Everything. Did any of the grownups stay up, or get up, to see the eclipse? How magical it was to have the Solstice and the Eclipse coincide like that!!! We saw about the first half of the eclipse, then the whole sky became overcast, and the moon was bashfully hidden for the rest of the event. Yet, we knew it was there, and happening. We had a big fire going INSIDE, and all the candles lit - so we could run in and warm up, then run back out.