new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Passing on of Toys

Pen examining her old teething toys
showing Violet how to work a toy
teething rings
helping Violet get it in her mouth
oh my!
look at all those toys!
This week there was a passing on of teething toys. Penelope helped me wash them all up while Violet was sleeping and then she personally gave each one to her sister. It was pretty cute, and just like that Violet was a big girl playing with her own toys! I also got out the Bumbo seat and now the girls can sit on the floor together. They are both very happy with this new arrangement. Pen is playing with her toys and Vi is playing with her teethers, so really they are not playing together, but they are together while playing and happy to have each others company.

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  1. The technical term for this is "parallel play." I learned this from Miss Gail, who says it is what small children do. I forget what age they stop it, and actually do play together, but I'll ask her when she comes home. She's substituting, with some of those parallel players, today. These are adorable pictures. Oh My!! is quite the shot, isn't it? Such amazement. Violet's feet are pretty cute sticking out as she sits in her little seat.