new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and Snow Fun

Cousins Eatin Cookies on Christmas Eve

Great Grandma and Baby Violet

Pen and Ashley Putting the Candles on Steve's Cake

Steve's Cake

Very Late on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Violet's New Silk Blanket and Arlo the Aardvark

Penelope's Fairy Dress

And Her Princess Dress

Tom and Charles Opening Gifts

Pen Playing With Her New Horses And People

Violet with Sophie the Giraffe

Violet and Steve

Two Girls in the Sled

Our Happy Front Window

Snow Ball

Walking Through Our Neighborhood

Walking Through Our Neighborhood 2

Mama and Violet

Violet wondering about the snow, and looking incredibly like my brother Charles as a baby.

A Snow-Pen and Snow-Vi

Snow berries

The inevitable snow tantrum

Pen's new watercolors.

Sledding on Daddy's Birthday


Snowy road in colt park

Cold Geese, Colt Park

Vi on Pissy The Horse/Reindeer

Pen making Daddy stuffed shells for his birthday dinner.

Sweet Sisters
We went to Steve's Mom's on Christmas Eve, but we have been home ever since. We have been enjoying the quiet of not having to do much of anything. On Christmas day my brothers came over. We exchanged gifts and listened to new C.D.'s and played with new toys. We had a nice dinner together. Penelope loved everything Santa brought her. Violet got a darling aardvark we called Arlo and Pen got a stuffed horse named Matilda, as well as lots of little horse figures and little people to play with. She and Violet both got a nice play kitchen and "Pissy" the horse to share.

We got quite a bit of snow and some snowmen were made and a little sledding was had. We have been watching the birds enjoying all the seeds we gave them on the Solstice, and keeping busy inside with new books to read, new paints to try out and lots of paper snowflakes being made.

Steve's birthday came following a blizzard so we didn't make our usual trip to Boston, but we made a really great dinner here and did some sledding in Colt Park. Thank goodness for netflix, one of Steve's favorite movies, Across the Universe, arrived in time for his at home birthday to go along with the all day long Beatles music we enjoyed.

Today we spent doing freezer paper stencils, so we all have a bunch of new t-shirts that we love. How I wish we had a fireplace for times like these!


  1. Lei Lei says the two little sisters are very cute together. The snow looks wonderful - wish it could snow here too. Happy late birthday, Steve, and I hope I will see you soon. Lots of love, have a wonderful year.

    LeiLei in Dallas

  2. Maisie says - a fairy dress AND a princess dress?