new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, The Outfits

The Long Sleeve T-Shirt Paired With Bikini Bottom
The Pink Polka Dot Bathing Suit Bottom With Pink T-Shirt And Flip Flops

Pink Flower Hat With Gorgeous Hand Me Down Sweater From Cousin Celeste And Ever Present Tutu Skirt

My Little Fashionista

Annoyed With Me For Taking Her Picture

Spring Dress With T-Shirt Underneath And Tights, Tinker Bell Sunglasses, Purple Rose Headband, And Mardi Gras Beads

Penelope The Movie Star And Violet the Strawberry

My Personal Favorite, Last Night's Pajamas With Bathing Suit Bottom Over Them, Yes she slept like this.

Some very interesting clothing combinations have been happening around here. Most of them amuse me to no end, I love it that she is thinking about how her clothes look and trying different things on. She comes out of her room with a smile, already knowing she looks divine, and asks "how do I look?". And the happy bonus to all this, I have discovered, is that her vocabulary is expanding to include many new adjectives. Such as, divine, spectacular, amazing, stunning, enchanting, marvelous. And she is all of these things, with the outfits or without. She is one of the most divine, spectacular, amazing, stunning, enchanting, and marvelous people in the world, in my humble opinion.

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