new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Shiny New Teeth

A Bagel

Will I like it?


Ha ha

See my teeth!

Pen's days of quietly reading over bagels in peace at the little table are numbered.
Violet suprised us by cutting her first teeth at 7 months. Pen was closer to a year with her teething. I wasn't expecting Violet's so soon. In a way, though I know it's crazy, those teeth made me sad. It is such a symbol of her growing up, becoming more independent and all that that means. Which, of course, she is doing all the time. But the teeth are so obvious and sudden. That little gummy grin is now a toothy smile. It's not that I want to keep her a baby forever, but sometimes I wish it wasn't quite so fast as it is. All the time I wish it wasn't so fast. But teeth she now has, and really, they are pretty cute.

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  1. Adorable teeth. I would say more, but we're off to Denver tomorrow, and I have a million things to do. Staying with Evan's kids for the latter half of their spring break, which their mother was supposed to take them for - but, oh my!! she suddenly had to go to India. For work, uh huh. Though her Facebook post says "Yoga, here I come!!!"

    Maybe I'll call you from Denver on the weekend.