new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Easter Cuteness

Penelope leaving a carrot out for the bunny.

The Bunny brought Pen a goat, which she named Rosie, and Vi got a pink bunny, which she calls Num Num, hmmm.

Hunting for eggs

She found them all!

The girls with their new Easter toys.

She'll reluctantly stand still for a picture.

But she'd much rather...


And twirl

And twirl

And twirl!

Pen, Grandma, Violet, and Steve

Bunny Babies

Bunny Steve

Pen bursting in the door with flowers she picked for me.

Charles relaxing on the couch.

Violet enjoying the bucket Grandma brought her.
Penelope's cupcakes!
We had a very nice Easter. Both of my brothers spent the day with us, and Steve's mom came over for a while. There was an egg hunt, and brunch - which was happily eaten outside! We finally got some really warm weather. We visited and enjoyed each other, and enjoyed some chocolate bunnies too. Somehow I never got a picture of my brother Tom, which is a shame because he was wearing the bows Pen found in her eggs all day.

Penelope was so excited for the bunny to come. She has never liked the idea of Santa coming into the house while she is asleep, and I can understand. I mean really, who would be comfortable with a man you have never met coming in the house while you are asleep? But she had no such problem with that old Easter bunny. She was SO excited to see her basket and know the bunny came. It was so cute. And Violet screams wildly when she sees her new, pink bunny. She always says "num num" when we give it to her. Which is a little odd because that is what she calls food, and I know she doesn't think the bunny is food, but Steve has taken to calling it "Bunny Num Num" and I guess that is it's name.

Penelope had several wardrobe changes through the day, just because. Violet wore her sweet smocked dress so I could take some pictures, but she found it too impractical for a new crawler to function in, so she spent most of the day bumming in a cow print cloth diaper and her Born at Home t-shirt, which is as cute as anything. I can't wait for it to be only a diaper weather every day.

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