new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Trip to Mount Hope Farm

looking for swans

What ever this is, it is so gorgeous! Maybe self heal?

She was so delighted to be able to sit in a big sprawl of purple flowers.

Funny baby.

Carefully inspecting each and every petal, twig, and leaf.

My blossoms in the blossoms.

A moment of peace.

She found a friend.

She was named Flower.

We hope to meet her again, when she becomes a butterfly.

We made our first trek up to Mount Hope Farm this week. We were hoping to find the swans who usually have their babies there, but we couldn't find them. There were a pair of mallards, and we will go back and check to see if they produce any ducklings soon. We were amazed with the flowers we found, and Pen found a friend. A tiny caterpillar that she named Flower. Pen marveled at the tiny creature, observing with delight how it walked, inching it's way up her arm. She was astounded at how just exactly it's skin looked like the bark on the trees where it lived, and thought it was the most incredible thing she'd ever heard of, that it could keep itself safe from hungry birds just by keeping still on a tree. And it IS the most incredible thing, Nature is so wise and wonderful. There was a bit of sadness at leaving Flower behind. But she understood that the little thing wouldn't be happy if we took it away from it's home. We will be wondering if it's her if we see a butterfly there next time. When I commented on how cute the caterpillar was Pen said "actually Mom, she's beautiful".Yes, she and the rest of spring that comes along with her are all a beautiful, glorious miracle. No matter how many times you see it. Unbelievably beautiful.

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  1. These are the funniest cutest photos - what is that crazy hat on Violet? Her serious studied concentration on the bits of flower is just astounding.

    I don't think it is self-heal, it's very close, but not quite it. The leaves in particular are very different from self-heal.