new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, April 8, 2011

Time Well Spent in the Woods

Note the proper hiking attire.

Me and my girls walking.

My sweet little girl.

Playing Pooh Sticks

Pen and her Daddy
Cool thing in the woods.
Climbing the slippery rocks

Cool Picture

Cool Picture 2

Heading back to the car on Daddy's back.
Her favorite part of this hike.

A closer look at what was surely a fairy home.

I was holding my breath, but she made it just fine.

With her hiking stick.
Penelope is the highest thing in Tiverton in this picture.

Herself the Elf

After hike car nap.
One of my favorite things to do is to walk in the woods. I used to do it every day. I have not done so much in recent years, but I think I will be doing more now. As it turns out, quite happily for me, my little girl loves it too. Of course the walks can't always be as long as I'd like, what with my hiking partner's short legs and all, but the day she wore the red coat we were wandering around the forest for about 2 hours. Not all walking, but we did climb a smallish "mountain", and when Pen sat at the top she got quite a kick out of the fact that she was the highest thing in Tiverton for that moment. She loved all the squishy mud and spent a lot of time walking in it, delighting in the squelchy noises her boots made as she stomped along. This was all at Weetamoo woods in Tiverton.

All four of us went to Glen Farm in Portsmouth, and Pooh sticks were what thrilled her that day. And she was enchanted by the old stone structures we came upon, and all the little waterfalls. Actually, none of the things we discovered were new to me, but it was great seeing them for the first time through her eyes.

The woods are so wonderful. There are plants to identify, animal tracks to discover, birds and animals to see and hear, something new with each season. There is quiet and peace and beauty. It is all free for everyone. And right now there are no bugs! A wonderful way to fill a morning with magic. Now, if I can just figure out how to keep Pen awake on the car ride home! Then we can share a magical nap together too.

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  1. Yes, my dear, this IS clearly appropriate hiking attire for girls Pen's age. We see it wherever we go hiking. Even at Tent Rocks we saw a little one her age dressed almost exactly like this. After all, all that really matters is the boots, isn't it?