new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pictures From August That I Never Put Up

The Girls at the Herbal Conference.

Our tent.

Violet taking notes.

Pen on the steps of Kid's Camp with a magic stick she made there.

Pen with Pig in her sling.

Happy Campers

On Cape Cod with the Aunts and Tom.


Gail in a beautiful spot.

Penelope touching a whale bone.

Penelope as a mermaid.

The girls watching the hurricane. 

At our little beach right after the hurricane.

Look what washed up on the dock.

Nearly a week without electricity meant candlelight every night.

The girls got good use out of the glow stick wands Maisie and Gailsie brought them.

One last trip to Horseneck Beach.

Happiest girl ever!

I decided to put our end of the summer pictures up. The first few are from when the girls and I went to The Woman's Herbal Conference in New Hampshire. We slept in our tent, Penelope went to kid's camp, we swam in the lake, listened to amazing teachers talk, drummed, danced, sang and had a great time.

The next pictures are from our camping at the beach in Cape Cod with Maisie and Gailsie who drove all the way from New Mexico. The weather was fine and the beach was beautiful beyond belief. We saw seals right on the beach, cooked our food on a camp stove, slept in tents, went for wonderful walks and had such nice time, all with the threat of a hurricane coming soon.

The next pictures are of the hurricane. We were safe at home for it, and Maisie and Gailsie were safely far away by the time it got here. The storm caused a bit of damage on our street, but none to our home. We lived with no electricity for days and days and it was kind of nice. We loved the candle light every night, and the quiet in our neighborhood. And how bright the stars are when there are no street lights.

And the last pictures are from our last trip to Horseneck Beach, our favorite beach. It was the most perfect beach day to end our summer, and was where Violet's first steps were taken - right for the ocean. She is now a real walker, no more crawling for her! And looking back at these pictures I am amazed at how much both girls have grown in such a short period of time.

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  1. Thank you so much, honey, for finally posting these. I thought I wasn't ever going to see them. They are totally fabulous, and I love them. Need to get Gailsie in here to see them too!