new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, November 28, 2011

Potty Time

Babies driving the potty car.

She is actually IN the potty.

Enjoying a cup of hummus while sitting on the potty.
Violet is showing no signs of interest in the potty. She will be 16 months tomorrow, and that is when Penelope became fascinated with the potty, so she may soon be interested, but my girls are as different as can be, and it  wouldn't surprise me a bit if the whole potty experience is entirely different this time around. But in any case, yesterday Violet was enjoying some diaper free time because she had a bit of a rash on her little bum (from eating tomatoes, which she loves, but too many give her a rash) and it occurred to me that it might be wise to keep the potty close by. Violet was thrilled to have it... to play in, to drive her babies around in, and to sit  upon as she enjoyed a snack. But there was no actual awareness of what one actually uses a potty for. Which is just fine with me, that stage of toddlerhood will come in it's own good time. But some awfully cute pictures were taken and I had to post them.

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  1. Tooooo funny, toooo cute!! I need to write you a long email, or call you this weekend. Need some holiday gift ideas for these crazy little girlies of yours.