new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fourth of July Part 1

Violet on her first ferris wheel ride.

Choo choo!

First ride without a grownup. (Pen is with her.)

Following big sister's instructions.

This picture is so funny. I wonder if they'll look like this when they're 80 and going out to breakfast together.

I hope they won't look like this when Pen gets her licence and they go out with their friends, WITH PEN NOT EVEN LOOKING  AT THE ROAD!!!



Fishing for a prize.

Vi watching. 

Vi's turn.

Playing the duckie game.

Pen was awesome at this game.

Watching a ride Pen was too scared to try.

Carnie Food!

Yes, french fries in a paper dog food bowl, it's true.

Fried oreos, we had to try them.

Pen in line to go down the giant slide. She was terrified, but wanting so badly to do it.

Happy girl with lots of prizes.

She did it! And then went one more time.

Little fireworks in our yard.

Making smores with VEGAN marshmallows, yes it's true!!!

They came out great!

 Penelope waits all year for this carnival It sets up at the town common, just one street away from us, so we can hear the noise and commotion from our house the whole time it's here. They are happy sounds. Penelope always watches them set up the rides, and we take her a bunch of times. She always cries when it leaves.

This year Violet was big enough for a few rides, and she was so very proud and happy to ride along with her big sister. Penelope said, after the first ride she took her sister on, that it was so much more fun with a sister to ride with. "It's what I've been waiting my whole life for!" she said.

There have also been cookouts, fireworks in our backyard, concerts down by the water, and tonight will be the town fireworks over the bay. Tomorrow will be the parade, and then it will all be over. All the wildness of the last few weeks will be behind us and it's always a little sad, especially the part where the carnival packs up and leaves (for Pen), but then it will be time to start getting ready for two very special birthdays. Such a busy month July is, and full of summer fun.

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