new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things That Made Me Smile This Week in July

The girls eating bagels at the bagel shop, sharing the kid table.

My baby eating raw bok choy at the farmer's market.

Penelope painted like an aquarium at a homeschooler's picnic.

Violet painted like a butterfly.

Steve, Pen, and Vi watching relay races at the homeschool picnic.

Hula hoop at Toe Jam.

Violet approving of the new window seat I made on the trunk in our living room.

Blueberry picking with Pig and Bunny Num Num on the girl's backs.

Kids getting lost in wild asparagus fields.

Pig and Bunny Num Num having a turn.

Baking a blueberry pie.

The pie.

The pie with ice cream made by Steve. Mmmm.
Homemade lemonade.

Vi having some lemonade with her pie.

Decorating sunglasses at the library.

Starry eyed baby.

Girls at the kite festival.

Another fun filled summer week, with a homeschool picnic, where we met so many other homeschool families and had lots of fun, our weekly trip to the farmer's market, blueberry picking with friends, and pie making afterwards, homemade ice cream and lots of lemonade, reporting on books at the library for the summer reading program and making crafts and getting prizes, a children's concert at Blithewold that I didn't bring the camera too, and an amazing kite flying festival with kites of every shape and size - many bigger than our house! And a jumpy house too! Fun, Fun.

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