new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Swimmer Number Two

Waiting for it to be time to put on her bathing suit.

Pen jumping off the diving board.

Violet in the locker room, bathing suit in hand.

First step into the pool.

A little pre-lesson swim with Daddy.

Pen having her lesson.

Violet waiting her turn.

Steve and Pen enjoying family swim while Vi has her lesson.

All done!

Very happy with herself.

Pen and her friend.

Steve's flip.

Attempts at a family photo.

Pen sharing her candy with Vi.
My tiny girl had her first swim lesson yesterday. She has been asking for them for so long now. Her lesson is right after Pen's and there is family swim at the pool at the same time, so lots of swimming was going on.

Violet was nothing but thrilled and excited. She wasn't nervous for a second. She had a blast, and then enjoyed family swim after her class with Steve and Pen. She was totally delighted to get her own treat out of her swim teacher's candy bucket after class. I was once again left wondering why every thing for kids seems to involve food of some sort, usually the really unhealthy kind, but I was not about to wrench the huge green lollipop she earned from her tiny grasp.

Penelope was very proud that during her lesson, her teacher asked her to demonstrate the backstroke for a new student. And she had a blast at family swim with Steve and also one of her friends who came for family swim with his dad.

My tiny girl is less tiny each day, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. She was so thrilled to finally have these swim lessons she has been asking for. She was completely worn out though, she fell asleep just before dinner was ready. I'll have to remember to set the crock-pot next week so dinner will be ready when we get home.

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