new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick or Treat, 2012

Penelope as Mary Ingalls with Pig as Ghost Pig and Violet as Jack the bulldog with Bunny Num Num as baby Carrie.

Heading down to the walkabout.

Please, I have this?


Petting a dog.

Petting another dog.

Running with a friend.

Cute friends.

Separating seeds from pumpkin goo.

SO Excited!

Face drawn by Pen, cut out by Daddy.

Silly girls waiting for dinner to happen so they can trick or treat.

Violet enjoying her second bowl of pumpkin soup.

First house.

Going through the loot.
 This year Penelope decided to be a favorite character from a book. She loves the Little House books, and though she loves Laura she decided to be Mary because she has blond hair just like Pen. Violet wanted to be a puppy, and Pen decided she could be Jack, Mary and Laura's bulldog.

We found a dress and boots at a consignment shop for Pen, and I made her an apron from some old curtains. The bonnet she got on a homeschool field-trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Violet's costume was an old brown sweatshirt that was Pen's first. I sewed a pair of ears, made from an old baby blanket and an old t-shirt, and made a tail from the t-shirt too. I also made her a pair of brown pants from the same t-shirt and Pen's old brown boots fit her nicely. They were a pretty cute pair.

We went to the walkabout downtown on Sunday. It was crazy busy, lots of people probably thinking, as we did, that this was the kids only chance to trick or treat with the storm on the way. We ran into lots of friends and ended up at the playground with a group of friends at the end. The storm was definitely brewing, the wind getting more wild as the kids played, and then the kids started to get a little scared by the way the weather was behaving so we came home. We were lucky and didn't have too much damage in our little town and Halloween trick or treating was able to happen after all. Penelope was very brave this year, delighting in all the scariness that has always scared her before. She understood that it was all good fun this year. Violet just followed her sister, boldly ringing doorbells and grabbing fistfuls of candy. The little goblin walked the whole way! She also spiced up her Jack the bulldog outfit with a tutu for Halloween, which meant that nobody could figure out what she was, but everyone thought Penelope was Holly Hobby, so there you go! The girls were quite pleased with their costumes, which of course is all that matters.

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