new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, 2013

Night before Easter. Couch potato bunnies.

The girls putting out some carrots for the bunny.

Penelope and her bunny, which was named Tulip, Daffodil,  Star, and possibly some others. I'm not sure that she's settled on one for sure yet.

Violet and her bunny, Flower. She never had a doubt about her bunny's name.

Flower was put into an Easter dress right away.

Carrot Cupcakes
Devilish Potatoes



Girls going through their eggs.

Flower likes cupcakes.

So does Violet.

So does Penelope.

Pen and her bunny.

A beautiful bunny.
Charles and his nieces.

Clearly, Violet is done with this.

Pushing bunnies on the swings.

Swinging and drinking coffee.

Vi and her daddy.

People relaxing and having some tea in the afternoon.

After dinner cupcakes by the fire.

We had such a nice Easter. It was the nicest day I have had in such a long time. Everyone was happy and nice and the weather was just beautiful. The girls were so excited about their baskets, and of course they woke up too early, but they were so cute and excited about their new bunnies.

Steve and the girls went off to pick up Charles while I made brunch and then we all had an egg hunt in the yard. There were stickers, hair clips and ribbons, and tiny frogs in them. And jolly beans too. Charles wasn't too happy when he got a hair clip in an egg, but he got a bunch with jolly beans too.

We ate our first outside meal of the year. It was devilish potatoes and two frittatas, one with cilantro pesto and one without - because the kids are not crazy about pesto. And carrot cupcakes too.

We all went for a walk downtown to get a coffee or a tea or a juice, and then we walked over to the playground for a bit. We ended up back at home where Violet fell asleep on my lap and everyone relaxed for a while until dinner. Then we had a fire in the back and enjoyed cupcakes again. When Charles' ride came we loaded them up with cupcakes too. It was such a happy day.

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  1. Oh, extreme Easter cuteness. Darling girls in darling dresses, and darling bunnies too. It all looks like so much fun! Now will you please email me recipes for those frittatas? We miss them so much, and these actually look like frittatas, and look really good.