new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fairy Day, 2013

Building fairy houses.

Checking out their fairy selves in the bathroom mirror.

Admiring her fairy necklace.

Pen making her fairy necklace.

Meeting Lemon the duck.

Clearly, this was the highlight of the day for Pen.

Pen in the middle of a giant bubble being made.

Violet and her bubbles.

Joining in a fairy dance.

Violet and her pine-cone fairy.

Happiness is chugging a Del's in the sunshine.

Planting their seeds.

I took the girls to fairy day at Blithewold a couple week ends ago. We have done this every year since Pen was a year. It's always darling and so much fun. There was the usual fairy house building and fairy crafting and fairy music and maypole dancing and lots and lots of little winged creatures running and dancing about. The girls loved it all, but Penelope was charmed most by meeting Lemon the duck. She actually met Lemon when she was just one when Lemon and her owner were doing a book signing at our downtown bookstore. Penelope loved Lemon then too, but she didn't realize that Lemon was a real duck somehow (we bought the book when she was one and we read it often) so she was really thrilled that a character in a book she loved was there, real and alive and happy to make friends with her. Lemon was part of a school duckling hatching project. When the ducklings hatched most of them went back to the farm they came from, but Lemon wasn't able to walk. The teacher brought her to the vet and discovered that she was born with some kind of a balance problem. She can't hold herself upright or walk, so the teacher kept her. She lives with the teacher now, and she has her own stroller so she can travel around and go for walks and she has a walker that holds her up so she can eat grass and be comfortable. She is very sweet and of course my Penelope fell madly in love with her. It was a beautiful and happy day with my little fairies and the sun and the flowers. And Lemon.


  1. How adorable this all is. I love the Lemon story. And how very very grown up Violet looks in these photos. I was surprised, but Gail is not. She says all of her former twos are either three or almost three now, and they have had an overnight grow-up also. So. There you go. It happens.

  2. An over night grow-up indeed! I am surprised myself. It seems like Penelope slowly moved from toddler to kid but Violet did it suddenly while I had my head turned, it seems.