new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Morning at Blithewold

Pen and Violet wearing the matching sister pajamas that Pen adores from Aunt Linda
Violet is always smiling
clap your hands!
face painting
Holding hands with her friend Serrin
We went to Blithewold this morning for a really nice children's program. It was singing and it was fun. We sat under the huge and ancient trees and one of Pen's friends happened to be there too, which made her happy. I love how 3 year olds can just hold hands and walk off together, even if they don't already know each other like Serrin and Pen do. I also love the things that 3 year olds say, like tonight when she told me she hated zuchinni and to take it off her plate and I said the nicer way to say it is "I don't care for zuchinni"and she said, aghast "But Mom! If you say I don't care an alligator will come!" Refering, of course to Maurice Sendak's book Pierre, in which the boy is eaten by a lion, in fact - not an alligator at all - when he repeatedly says "I don't care" about EVERYTHING. Somehow Pen remembers it being an alligator though. And the other night when she was angry at me for washing her hair and began to cry and scream because I was "hurting her tentacles"? O.K. Pen!

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