new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Zoo Sucked But We Had A Nice Time!

Milking the Cow
she loves this pig
cute little monster
This is where Pen got her finger horribly stuck and there was some panic , but Steve managed to wrench it free.
cute chicks
admiring the cows
Steve and Pen
cute little baby
Pen and the Bear 1
little devil face
Pen and the Bear 2
Having a ho-down at the Toe Jam Puppet Band
Swing Your Partner!
Pen was tired.
Baby was tired.
Well, the zoo kinda sucked yesterday. We hadn't been in a really long time, mainly because of an incident last Feb. where words were exchanged between myself and the lady who runs the cafe - we won't get into it. I really should have made a complaint back then, but didn't. Instead I just was angry at the zoo for a long time and didn't go. So now the zoo has a carousel that is new (well, old, but new)  and an aquatic touch tank about which there has been much hype, and they have pony rides in the summer. Also there is a train she loves. We were prepared to let her do everything during our visit, as summer is almost done and we really have not done much in the way of  summery fun stuff this year. It was more about hugely pregnant and having a baby stuff this summer.

So we got to the zoo and realized that it was middle of October weather on top of being gray and cloudy. The wind was blowing and leaves were flying and it was really cold. Somehow we had gotten all the way there before realizing the weather conditions and were dressed for August. So it was a little bit cold, but o.k., we were ready for some fun! As we went into the zoo we saw a sign stating that all the rides, the carousel, the train and the pony rides were not happening because of the weather! Seriously! It wasn't even raining! Just cloudy! We were bummed and I was banned from any further mentioning of it, and we went on to check out the animals. We did get to see the ever elusive river otter and the beavers were out. But we just couldn't find that touch tank anywhere. And when we got to the barn it was closed because they were cleaning it. But Pen was very happy and good and Baby was happy too. We finally discovered that the touch tank was open every day EXCEPT Mon. which was irritating. The real reason we came to the zoo, however , was to see the Toe Jam Puppet Band. It is a live band that does a show every Mon. at the zoo. We have been going since before Pen was a year. She LOVES it! They were, as always, great. They sang Happy Birthday to Penelope because we had not gone on her birthday and gave her stickers and a tatoo which thrilled her. We all had a blast and I believe they sang every one of Pen's favorite songs.

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