new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Marching down State st. in the library parade with her friends Lila and Serrin.
Look at them march!
Seaweed hugging Mermaid Princess
Pen nursing Pig
Watching the Jester doing his fabulous after parade show.
Pen and Pig walking home.

Today was the big end of the summer reading program parade at our library. The theme this year was Splash! so basically anything having to do with water was o.k. Pen decided to be seaweed. Last night she and I left Baby with Steve for the first time and dashed off to the fabric store where we got 2 types of green fabric and some elastic. There was no sewing involved, just some elastic around the waist and fabric tied to that, as well as a few slipper shells with holes worn in them we found on the beach. I made a crown too. She was thrilled with it, which is what matters. I love that our library does this. All the libraries follow the same theme every summer, but most of them just don't really get into it like they could, know what I mean? But our library has prizes to be won, games to be played and wonderful programs going on. But the best part by far is the parade. I've taken many kids to it over the years but it was more fun taking Pen. It really is great, the street gets closed off so everyone can march in it, people dress up and then there is a show after the parade and frozen lemonade for all! We have used our library a lot this year. Penelope went to story time all fall, winter and spring, Steve took out everything they had to offer on buddhism in both book and c.d. form and I took out a bunch of stuff too, but I couldn't for the life of me tell you what. I do know that most of their Angelina Ballerina books live at our house much of the time. They go back briefly to visit the library, but they really live at our house. I love that libraries exist, that you can actually go there and borrow books, music, movies, and it is all free for everyone! I also love that it is the same library I went to when I was a child, and now my little girl goes there for her storytime. And I got a treat later in the day. Earlier in the week Pen got an invitation from our dear neighbor, Renee inviting Pen to come over today after nap to make a family dinner for all of us. And so I had about 3 hours to myself while they worked away. Nevermind that the time was spent nursing Violet, it was still peaceful, and then an invitation was delivered and Baby and I headed over to Renee's for the nicest dinner ever! There was amazing homemade bread and olive tapinade and incredible hummus and an awesome couscous salad and tomatoe salad over spinach and dill sauce with veggies to dip in it, including yellow carrots - which I've never had before - and a peach and blueberry crumble kind of thing which was divine for dessert. Poor Steve had to work late and missed it, but Renee sent us home with a ton of food, so he wasn't completely deprived.

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  1. OMG, if she isn't just the cutest seaweed that ever was. They are all so adorable, the gang of little girlies marching down the street. I can't believe how you just whomped up a seaweed costume out of nothing. You are something wonderful yourself. These photos are such a heap of cuteness, Pen with Pig, lordy lordy lordy.

    No way to tell you how thrilled I am that you are doing this blog, it is a work of loving art, and I am the grateful recipient. I cannot wait to be there to see all of you. XXOOO Maisie