new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Festival = Fun!

She's not flipping me off, she has a splinter in her finger.
She looks so big waiting for the bus.
On the train, all excited for our big adventure.
All of us.
She has been wanting to try this for a long time, potato sack races!
The beautiful Violet.
Pen watching They Might Be Giants.
All of us.
Pen on Steve's shoulders watching TMBG.
Here is the guy we came to see, Dan Zanes - Pen's favorite! When he came out on stage Pen said"Aww, Mom... he's got curly locks just like me!"
Can you believe her? This kid is 6 weeks old and she is actually digging it for real! Another Dan Zanes fan!
All of us and Dan.
All of us.
There was some amazing balloon art!
Pen playing with a balloon sculpture.
Heading off to the main stage to see Ziggy Marley.
Pen learning to hula hoop while we listened to Ziggy.
Now this is how you are supposed to look after a festival, tired, dirty, and happy!
We spent Sat. at the Life is Good festival. We had this planned for a long time. Penelope is a HUGE Dan Zanes fan, and the rest of us like him too. But we were also excited to see They Might Be Giants and Ziggy Marley. We got up early and took a bus to Providence where we got a train to Canton Mass. and jumped on a shuttle to the festival from there. We each had a backpack, mine was the diaper bag, Steve's was the food, water, and blanket, Pen's was a handful of little people, 2 snacks, a drink, and a copy of Mrs. Tiggywinkle by Beatrix Potter, cause ya know, you gotta be prepared. We also each had a sweatshirt and we brought our B.O.B. (our stroller). It was a blast. Violet spent most the day sleeping in the sling, but she came out to dance for Dan Zanes. Pen had the best time ever. She got to do not one, but two potato sack races, an obstacle course, have a front row spot to see 2 bands she loves, learn to hula hoop, run wild, play all day, get her face painted, get a tattoo, see balloon sculptures that fascinated her, watch a dog agility demo, and on and on and on. Plus she got to ride on a bus, a train, and a school bus too to get there and back. I was laughing at how I used to go to festivals to see bands I liked and now I'm going for my kid's bands. But I like her bands, and some of her bands were mine before they were hers, so we can enjoy them together. We all left exhausted and happy. Life is good!

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  1. Tired, Dirty, and Happy - yes indeed.

    But what is the green thing in Violet's ear? Please please tell us ASAP.