new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer Pictures (millions of them)

pig being pretty
Something must have been up with my hair or something.
Watching the sea birds on Bristol Harbor.
Climbing on the rocks in Colt Park.
At the farmer's market holding her baby in the sling I made her.
I couldn't make this not be upside down. I love this goblin outfit! I made the wool diaper cover out of a sweater and the hat from a dress Pen outgrew. Recycling at it's best.
Pen had this dress which I bought at Saver's, so who knows how many girls wore it before her, but it was a favorite and she wore it for 2 years, in all seasons. I think the last time she wore it was the day before her sister was born and I think Steve had to sew part of it back together for her to wear it that day. It was too worn to keep for Violet and was really to small for Pen so I told her I'd make Pig a dress from it because turning it into a rag was not o.k. I made the hat for Violet in the previous picture from the same dress and there is just enough left over to make the underpants she has been begging me to make for her dolls with.
She got to ride that carousel at the zoo. There was an eagle, a hummingbird, a tiger, a seal, a giraffe, a coyote, a stag,etc. what did Pen choose? The horse! And as you can see she was more than pleased with her choice. That's her uncle Tom behind her.
Tom and the girls at the Toe Jam Puppet Band's summer send off concert.
Uncle Tom and Violet.
Tom flying Pen.
A goblin babe?
Tom reading Pen a bedtime book after the concert before he had to go to work.
Pen made a highchair for pig from a pillow I made her last year and the tray from Violet's infant swing.
Ready for a hike, complete with her pack-pack (back pack).
Pen and Pig at yet another Toe Jam concert.
Pen and Pig dancing at the concert.
Swimming at our little beach.
Just floating.
Steve and Pen.
Flying after swimming at our little beach.
How cute is this baby?
Happy girl.
Can you stand the perfect curls?
Pig and Pen take time to stop and smell the roses at Blithewold.
Pig and Pen walking in Blithewold.
There were so many hummingbirds in this garden, but of course I couldn't get a picture of one!
I'd never seen this before in real life!
This house which was a wooden frame covered in bean beans (green beans) enchanted Pen.
Pen and Pig in the bean bean house.
I want a yard big enough to make her one of these!
Another kind of house!
She found a fabulous wand someone else had picked and left. Later the flower head fell off and it is now living in a wooden bowl in a place of honor in our living room.
Tromping through the bamboo forest. This enchants her as well.
"Could you just come over here and push my cute little bum up into this tree?" she asked so sweetly.
Singing to the tree.
She really is fond of this tree.
Seagull on a rock.
Summer is winding down, I am looking foreward to fall - not winter so much, but I do love the fall. The girls and I had a lovely morning at Blithewold yesterday. It's a great place to go right now, I love the gardens and Pen can run wild and be loud and crazy and it's just fine.

She is a strange and funny little person. She has an invisible dog named Tokie that often comes with us on walks. Tokie runs away a lot and Pen will suddenly begin screaming for him to come back, to watch out for the car that is about to run him over, etc. She is very serious about playing and sometimes she scares me to death when she begins to hysterically call her dog out of the street. She has been telling me for a couple of days that she has a baby in her belly. Very casually she's been mentioning it, as if it's common knowledge. Well, just before bed tonight she began to call me with so much genuine excitement in her voice that I came rushing out to see what was happening and there she was with sheer joy on her face holding something I could not see in her little cupped hands, gazing at it and smiling. She looked up at me and said "Oh Mama, my baby just came out of my belly!". Obviously it was a tiny baby, like Thumbelina. She was so lost in the wonder of this new baby she had just birthed, so I did what any new grandmother would do. I reached up on top of the fridge and got down the tiny little basket I'd apparently been saving for just this occasion. "Congratulations Pen! Here is a tiny basket bed for your baby to sleep in!" I said as I gave her a hug. If I didn't know better I'd think that I was living with a little crazy person, but thankfully I've had enough children in my life to know she's just fine. And quite entertaining!

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  1. I've given this link to everyone, yet no one else ever posts any comments. What's up with that, I wonder? This is a wonderful series of summer photos, what a great extended snapshot of your life. What's happening w/Pen's new tiny babykins now? Is she thriving, like her real human counterpart, Violet? Can't tell you how much I love it that Pen went to Blithewold in her tutu.