new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Pig's Tale

Pig with his tattoos.
Pig in the washing machine. This part was hard for Pen.
A fresh new Pig on the way to the dryer.
Pig looking remarkably like a dog who has just been bathed but hasn't shaken himself out yet.
Pig drying on the line.
So, yesterday morning when I got up I found Pig newly tattooed. When I asked her why she did this she said Pig wanted to be pretty, and the blue bit on his head is a hair bow, by the way. It might have been kind of cute and funny if the couch, the windowsill and hardwood floors had not also gotten tattoos. Because I am not a complete idiot, even though I kept her markers where she could reach them when she wanted, they ARE washable markers at least. And just so you know, although Pen admits to coloring Pig herself she didn't do the rest of the artwork all over the house, that was - you guessed it!- Pig. We got most of the marker off of everything, but Pig had to make a trip to the laundromat. Penelope was very excited for this, until Pig was actually IN the washer and it was filling with water. He was in there with clothes of similar colors so we couldn't actually see him as he whirled round and round, but at one point Pen said "oh! I saw a little pink foot!" and she knew he was scared and didn't want to be in there. Anyhow, he is still on the line, as we got him home rather late and he didn't get much sun time. He is stuffed with quite a bit of fluff after all. A woman at Starbucks last week told us she saw an alligator made by the same company that made Pig in a shop in Providence and I said to Pen that maybe we should get that alligator for Violet, and she said no, we can't do that. As it turns out alligators are very fond of eating pigs. I think Pig may end up going off to college with Pen one day, I just hope he has learned how to behave himself by then.


  1. The photo of Pig hanging on the line is funnier than ten Jerry Seinfelds, Eddie Izzards, Kate Clintons, or any other deliberate comics I know. It's priceless. I think, when you get some time to even breath, you need to start thinking about a kids' book about Pig, illustrated with these photos you are taking. Pig is just wonderful. Although I'm a little confused as to Pig's gender. Pig has been seen wearing dresses, or A dress,but you seem to refer to it/he/she with masculine pronouns. What's the story?

    And, oh yes, Pig's animator is pretty swell herself.

  2. So okay, thanks. Now I see. Pig is a boy princess. As per our email conversation, I think this makes even more fodder for a book.