new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A night at the carnival and Grandma's birthday.

Penelope is all about the fishing games at the carnival.
Prize number one!
Heading off for her long awaited bear ride with Grandma.
Riding the slowest train on earth.
Driving the fire truck.
Driving her flashy purple car.
I laughed so hard while she rode furiously round and round.
Beep Beep!
More fishing.
Choosing a prize.
Second prize!
More fishing!
Caught one!
Go Pen!
Pen and her prizes.
Grandma's birthday cupcakes, and the pumpkin she brought for Pen.
Happy birthday Grandma!
We celebrated Steve's Mom's birthday last night. Grandma came over bearing a pumpkin for Pen, which thrilled her. Penelope had the night planned, we all walked over to Sam's for pizza and had a delicious dinner. Then we walked to the carnival. Steve, Grandma, and Pen all rode the ferris wheel, but I got no pictures because the camera was in Steve's pocket :( . Penelope did a lot of fishing and came away with 3 prizes! She rode the train and went on the bear ride with Grandma ( she talked about doing that ALL day!) and she rode the fire truck and a car. I laughed harder than I've laughed in a long time at her on those cars! She was wildly whirling around and around and beeping the horn. She was so serious about it, checking out how everything worked. When we got home we had birthday cupcakes and then Grandma went home and we all went to bed. Today Penelope has a cold, she probably picked it up at the library on Thurs. I thought she might be coming down with something last night, and probably I shouldn't have let her stay out so late, but it was such fun. We'll have a quiet day at home today, maybe we'll do something with that pumpkin!

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  1. That is a wagonload of prizes - maybe you need to outfit Penelope with a real fishing rod and set her to catching dinner!!! No, wait, you don't eat them fishies, do you?