new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nutcracker Time!

My little angels

I loved Violet's arms all day. The chubs and dimples, perfect cherub cuteness.

I could not make this child smile!

The girls and their Daddy.

Me and my girls.

I think I have almost the exact same picture of me  at this age, except my coat was brown.

At the Providence Performing Art's Center

Tom and Gabe

The four of us and Steve's Mom

Just before the show

Right after the show, Tom and Pen being cute.

 We went to the Nutcracker today. All seven of us. Tom and his girlfriend Gabe, and Steve's Mom came with us. Penelope was so excited about this. "I don't know how I'll ever decide who to sit next to Mom, too many people I love will be there!" she said. As it turned out she chose to sit between Gabe and Grandma.  The show was beautiful, the music delightful, and yes, it was very nice to have so many people I love there.

Violet is so very little, and I thought briefly of leaving her with a babysitter, but our babysitter (Tom) came with us. She lasted until almost the end, which surprised us all. Only 16 months old, but she was humming along to the music (we've been listening to it a whole lot) and when the nutcracker was on the floor after being attacked by the mouse king she was yelling repeatedly "nie nie, nie nie!" (night night). She loved clapping. But the best part was during the coffee dance (I think it's the coffee dance) she was doing all the snake-ish dance moves that the ballerina was doing. It was so funny. About 20 minutes before the end I did take her out because she had had enough. We wandered around the beautiful building until the show was over, and I actually enjoyed watching my precious baby girl running around in her darling dress every bit as much as the ballet. She is so very cute right now. And the dresses, I am quite pleased with myself over this one. I bought them at our local consignment shop, where I brought a bunch of outgrown fall and winter clothes. Full price they were $44 but with the credit I had from what had sold of my stuff I paid $11. $11 for these adorable velvet dresses with satin sashes!!! And I'm pretty sure they will get a second years use of them, at which point I will bring them back to the consignment shop! Why doesn't everyone do this! Tomorrow we will be getting our tree, and decorating the house. There has been much elving going on around here, but I can't post any of that , for the obvious reasons. Now I am going to get these babies off to bed so I can get a bit of elving done!

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