new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice 2011

Wrapping her Daddy's Solstice gift with great  care.

Imagining his happiness when he opens his special gift.

Solstice gifts under the tree.

Pen waiting with excitement for Steve to open her gift, and Steve's wearing the hat I knit him.

Pen opening her Solstice dress I made for her.

Vi opening her gift.

I made her a bag.

She was very thrilled with her horse nightgown.

Playing with the new doggie things I made them.
This is what Pen made for her Daddy.
Vi wearing her Solstice dress.

Making treats for the birds and squirrels.
Bird treats.

Bird treat
Cutie with her new bag.
Happy squirrel eating his Solstice peanuts.

Hiding peanuts in the woods.

Steve bringing home firewood we found in the woods.

Getting the fire ready for night time.

Treats for people.

Wonderful dinner made by Steve and Pen.

Our back porch.

Our fire.

 We had such warm weather for the Solstice. We spent much of the day outside, feeding the birds and squirrels in our yard, and then a long walk through the woods, spreading peanuts and seeds all the way for the creatures there. We exchanged the gifts we'd worked on with love and excitement. Penelope didn't believe that I made the things I made, she thought they looked like they came from the store. I thought the same about the frame she made her daddy - even though I helped her make it. I think we are just getting good at making our own stuff. I'm most proud of the girl's dresses. They have t-shirt tops, and the skirt part is made from old t-shirts of mine. Steve did the sun stenciling on them, as he is better at it than me. We made cookies and a beautiful dinner (the dinner was Steve's gift to me - my favorite thing he makes, eggplant with his Grandma's sauce), and ended our day outside again, in front of our blazing fire. Happy Solstice!

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