new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby's First Painting

She started with yellow.

Then added blue.

And began to make green.

She worked very seriously.

We tried to wash the paint off in the sink.

But in the end we needed a bath.

And here is her finished work, complete with tiny fingerprints  for me to cherish.
Last Thursday, while Steve and Pen were at story time at the library, Violet and I got out the paints. I did so much more of this kind of stuff with Penelope when she was tiny. She was painting well before a year old. But Penelope never put the paint or the play-dough in her mouth, and Violet always does. I can't seem to convince her that we don't eat such things, so she rarely gets a chance to use them. Instead we usually wait for her to be napping before we bring out art supplies. But with nobody else here I decided to try some painting with Vi all on her own. She really loved it, and yes, she did keep trying to taste the paint, but was more absorbed in her work and less interested in eating the paint than she has been before. She was very serious about her work, and enjoyed the whole messy business quite a bit. In the end her hair was a little green, and there was so much thick, sticky paint on her chubby little hands that I decided to just pop her into the tub. And she was due for a bath anyhow. I am going to make more time for this sort of thing with my baby girl, who every day is less and less a baby. Time with little ones is so fleeting, at this time last year she wasn't even sitting up on her own yet. Now she is such a big girl. I think her painting looks like a flock of birds taking flight. I love the tiny fingerprints the best though.

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