new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Fairy Party

Decorating Crowns

Maya's Crown

Going through their treasures after a fairy hunt.

Decorating Wings

Vi working on her wings.

Vi's Wings

Sevy's Wings

Maya's Wings

Pen's Wings

Flying on the horse.

Teddy's Wings

Opening Gifts

Pen's Cake

Vi's Cake

Vi blowing out her candles.

Funniest picture ever! Deagan impulsively blew out Pen's candles, so he is looking  guilty, Pen is looking mad, and Aunt Linda is looking horrified.

Big Wish!


The girls had their fairy birthday party last weekend. Almost everything I used for crafts and the fairy hunt was stuff I had on hand, I used wool felt I've had for years to make crowns that the kids painted, I used cloth that I bought for a project that was never completed to wrap treasures which were hidden in the yard. The treasures were old beads, plastic jewels, seashells, that sort of thing. And the fairy wings were made from coat hangers, knee highs, and duct tape by Steve and me one night while we watched a couple episodes of x-files on netflix. Penelope begged me to let her have friends over for her party, and I wasn't sure it would work so well in our tiny yard, but I'm glad I let her invite some friends. It was so much fun, it was so nice to see everyone, and all the food everybody brought was so yummy. And very happily, the thunderstorms that were predicted held off, whew!


  1. I'm so glad to see these birthday party pix! The candle blow-out one is pretty great! I'm glad there was a do-over so Pen wasn't scarred for life! What a bunch of busy children - and some of the adults look like they're having some crafty fun too!

  2. Gail just saw these pix, and says "WOW! Making fairy wings! Could we make some when we're on the Cape? Maybe make them be butterfly wings? If you bring the materials, we'll help make them and then we can all paint them. I know I just got thru sending you an email that said I didn't want you to go to any trouble for this trip, but maybe this wouldn't be like making a ton of salads, muffins, granola, etc etc etc? Still, only really do this if it's easy. We can live w/out butterfly wings. Yes, we can.

  3. This is so sweet! I am wanting to do a Fairy Party for Bunny next year. And Yes your Penelope has the same hair as my Bunny!