new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Worlds They Create

I have been teased about some of the kinds of pictures I take. Pictures of meals I've made, pictures of cloth diapers drying on the line, pictures of squirrels and random wildlife. But perhaps the oddest pictures I take are those of my children's playthings. Sometimes at the end of the day I can't bear to clean up a section of floor space in their room because the scene they left at the end of their play is too wonderful to destroy, and often they are not yet finished with playing in it, the little world they created. They will go back to it first thing the next morning and pick up right where they left off, so it often seems like an unfinished story that I dare not touch. And sometimes it is so wonderful that I have to take a picture of it. Odd, yes. I don't know any one else that takes pictures of their children's toys, but it is more than a picture of toys. I often feel as if I am getting a glimpse into their minds. A peek at how they see the world, and there is something wonderful about that to me.

The first pictures were taken yesterday morning, the last five were taken yesterday afternoon. The girls brought some animals with us to a family cookout and built fences from sticks with their cousins for the animals.

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