new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally, The Beach!

Tears because she had to get out of the water. Note the purple lips.

Mama and Pen playing in the waves.

She made a sand angel.

Sand Angel

Investigating a jellyfish.


We finally made it to the beach yesterday. It was PERFECT! A nice breeze, waves big but not too crazy for kids to play in, and the water was the perfect temperature. Violet was afraid of the waves at first, but then turned into a mermaid just like her sister and mama and cried terribly when it was time to get out. Penelope made the dreaded mistake of feeding her sandwich crust to a seagull and we were attacked by hordes of hungry seagulls, one ripped a whole sandwich out of Steve's hand, another tried to get my watermelon but I held on tight. It bit me instead, but my watermelon was saved. I wonder if it was worth it, my finger still hurts.

It was delightful, we need to cram as much beach as we can into what's left of this summer.


  1. Our week is coming - every day, baby, rain or shine, we're going to the beach. Okay?

    And I know some of them can sting like crazy, but I think jellyfish are so beautiful - like little glass artworks.

  2. We are headed there tomorrow... for a week!