new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas at the Barnyard

All bundled and ready to work.

Feeding chickens.

And turkeys.

Hay for the sheep.

Pen being carried to the hay pile to smash it down a bit for the sheep.

Using her body to smash the hay down.

Here come the sheep!

Beautiful Beau.

Brushing Constance the cow.

Brushing Josie the donkey.

Brushing Beau, who weighs over 1700 pounds, but is the gentlest, safest animal on the farm.

Johnny cakes cooking on the fire.

Sharing a johnny cake with our favorite rooster.

Christmas eve morning Penelope and I headed to the farm for Christmas at the barnyard. It was thankfully not too cold to bear, and the sun was shining. We did the usual breakfast at the barnyard things we've done before. Things like letting the animals out of their barns and feeding them and brushing them, but this time we stopped to sing carols to the animals. We sang to the chickens, we sang to the sheep, and we sang to the horse, donkey, cows and ox. We were treated to some fiddle accompaniment too, which was wonderful.

And when all the animals were taken care of we were treated to johnny cakes cooked on the fire. It was the perfect way to start the day, and it brought me right out of the sad mood I woke up in so that I could enjoy the rest of my day with family. How badly Penelope and I both wish we were living on a little farm like this. Until we get there this little breakfast in the barnyard deal is pretty sweet.

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