new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Thursday, December 20, 2012

On Solstice Eve

On this long dark night, with many candles burning bright we decorated out tree. Steve and Penelope went out to find a tree this afternoon. When Violet woke from her nap she helped me to dust and clean in preparation for decorating later. She was beyond thrilled to be allowed to use the spray bottle and to do all the dusting herself. We put out so many candles, and then put on our warm things and went out for a stroll around the neighborhood to look at lights. She was astounded, blown away by all the beautiful decorations our neighbors have displayed. She named all the reindeer we saw. "That's Dancer Mama!" "That one is Blitzen!" and at one point she said to me " Now it's finally Christmas eve season Mama! It really is!"

I loved spending some rare one on one time with her, and when we got home Steve and Pen were back with the tree. After dinner we brought in the tree and got out the boxes of decorations. Penelope was so excited to see things she remembered from last year and it was all new to Violet, having only been one year old the last time we did this. It was fun to have the kids pull out things and tell them the stories behind them, where they came from and who made them. Penelope pulled out a few that she made in years past too. I just let the girls decorate the tree themselves, and it turned out lovely. And after we were done with that, the first gifts of Solstice were opened. The pajamas I made for the girls. Pen was with me when I bought the red flannel for the bottoms. She was really surprised because she has assumed I'd make nightgowns and instead she got tops and bottoms. I think she was happy to be surprised.  And then Penelope wrapped her gifts for her family. She worked long and hard and joyfully on the things she made. She wrapped them with care and placed them under the tree for tomorrow, and went to bed pleased and excited - not for what she would get in the way of gifts tomorrow, but for what she was giving to the people she loves. I love this.

Tomorrow will be busy and fun, filled with the things that have become tradition for us on the Solstice, but for now there are candles burning, a beautiful little tree all decorated, and some lovely things, most carefully wrapped and waiting beneath the tree for tomorrow.

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