new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Lion Dance

Penelope trying on the lion head.

Violet being so brave and touching the lion.

Penelope being the Buddha.

We went to Brown University with our homeschool group to see a Chinese lion dance and learn all about it this week. Penelope is learning lots about China right now, and we had already researched both lion and dragon dances and watched many versions of both on line, but when the lion began it's dance at Brown both my girls were terrorized. They huddled in my lap until it was over. But after the dance the darling students who were performing for us talked to the moms and kids for a long time. We learned a lot and they showed the kids how the moves they use to make the lion dance are actually kung foo moves and some acrobatics. They showed the kids how they get cues from the drums for their dance moves and how to operate the lion's ears and eyes and explained all the symbolism too. Then they let the kids try on the lion. Penelope wanted to so badly, but was too scared to do it. She finally got up the nerve to just do it and was very proud of herself.  Even Violet had a turn, a very short one because she was really still scared. Penelope wants to see lion dances any time they happen now, she just loves them now.

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  1. We saw them at the Chinese Culture Center here on Lunar New Year. Pretty terrifying. Pretty wonderful. Brave little girls indeed.