new sisters

new sisters
Penelope holding 10 day old Violet

Monday, April 29, 2013

So Big, So Proud

I guess it's for real because this girl of mine has been using the potty for a good week now. Just like her big sister before her, she just decided she was ready and that was that. Somehow I lucked out with that one. Two kids that basically potty trained themselves. Although, I really do think that with this, as with most things, kids just move on to the next thing when they are ready for it. I'm sure if I'd tried to push her into it a couple months ago it would not have happened so smoothly. She knew when she was ready, and in her own good time she moved from diapers to underwear.

She is suddenly so much more a big girl than a baby. Sniff. Just this afternoon she was cuddled in my lap and I was singing a song about her being my baby and she interrupted to inform me that she wasn't my baby anymore. "You are!" I said. "But I grewed up now Mama, now I'm so big!" she told me. And she is. It's true. We just moved her out of her rear facing carseat and into a booster (with a five point harness, of course) and her big sister now sits in a booster using an adult seat belt. Yikes! As always, I'm torn between feelings of sadness at them growing bigger, and pride and delight at the amazing people they are growing into. Violet starts her first story time session tomorrow. I was going to wait until the fall to sign her up, but she asked me to sign her up last week, so I did. She could hardly get to sleep tonight because she is so excited about it. So excited to be big, and so proud of her big self.
Showing off her big girl undies!

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